Everything you need to plan a unique Florida vacation

Where to go, what to do -- Florida offers so many vacation options it will make your head spin. The sheer number of attractions and activities available requires that you narrow down your choices before you go to insure you have the most memorable vacation possible.

Most people know (or think they know) the main destinations and attractions in Florida. Disney World probably pops to mind first. But entrance fees to the major theme parks can soak a family's entire travel budget in one day, and the best known vacation spots are typically jam packed with tourists from all over the world

But there's a lesser known Florida -- a place of undiscovered beaches, natural beauty, rich cultural history and lots of fun things to do.

That's where My Florida Vacation comes in. Throughout this site, we offer advice and listings of the hidden treasures in Florida -- helping you plan a vacation that goes beyond the major theme parks and crowded beaches.

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